The ' Patriotic Degree '

The Fourth Degree was established on February 22nd, 1900 on the principle of patriotism - love for and devotion to one's country.  Fourth Degree Knights, or Sir Knights as they are called, focus the majority of their activities on this principle.  It is the highest and most prestigious degree within the Order of the Knights of Columbus.  It is a group of outstanding Knights who are dedicated to the service of the Church, their Country and our Order.

Upcoming Exemplification...






Saturday, October 13, 2018

Marriott Hotel - Torrance



• Check-in: Thu October 11, 2018
• Check-out: Sun October 14, 2018
• Group Rate available until: Thu September 20, 2018

• Special Concessions: Non-Hosted $10 Self Parking




Single or Double Standard Room $125 USD per night


Book your group rate for Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree Exemplification, October 11-15


Patriotic Degree Agenda - Torrance Oct 2018
Patriotic Degree Agenda TOR Oct2018.pdf
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Any Third Degree Knight in 'good standing' is eligible for membership in the Fourth Degree.  There is no waiting period to join the Fourth Degree.  Fourth Degree members must retain their membership as Third Degree members with their council to remain in 'good standing'. 


Membership in the Fourth Degree is through an "Assembly".  If you meet the qualifications, please contact the Assembly of your choice to submit your application.  Your Grand Knight or the District Master can assist you in making contact with the Assembly.  Refer to the CONTACT INFO tab to contact the District Master.


Dress Code for the Fourth Degree



(As of November 19, 2017)


NEWS FLASH:  Per Supreme Master's announcement

Wearing of traditional regalia

has been extended until June 30, 2019


Click here for Supreme Council FAQ on the New Uniform


Additional District Guidelines:

  1. Effective immediately, candidates taking their Fourth Degree may wear a black, dark blue or dark gray suit with a white shirt and tie.  No sport coats or other colored suits will be allowed.  Fourth Degree members (“sideliners”) attending the degree may wear the same as the candidates or their traditional tuxedo with social baldric.
  2. Traditional Full Regalia will continue to be used at Exemplifications through the end of the 2018-2019 Columbian year.  Southern California District Color Corps competitions will also be conducted during this time with traditional regalia.
  3. Only the basic Fourth Degree lapel pin (PG-113) will be worn on the new uniform.  Larger Fourth Degree pins or the current Color Corp flag pin are not to be worn on the new uniform.
  4. The uniform can ONLY be purchased as a full set and only from Knights Gear (  The cost is $510.00 and includes:  Dark Blue Jacket, Dark Gray Slacks, Fourth Degree tie, Black Beret, and gold medallion.   
  5. Due to very high demand, pre-orders WITHOUT PAYMENT can be placed at this link.
  6. The new uniform is not required in order to take the Fourth Degree nor to be a member of the Fourth Degree.
  7. Each member will need to provide their own black shoes, black socks, black belt and long-sleeved white shirt with standard collar.  No tuxedo shirts or button-down collars.  No tie clips or cufflinks may be worn.


All District and Assembly officers are asked to help control the rumor mill and, especially, don't add your own speculative or criticizing comments.  As leaders, we need to unite behind our Supreme Knight, Supreme Master, Board of Directors and our Vice Supreme Masters to support this change. Regardless of your personal feelings about the new uniform, it is your duty as leaders to not only support the decision of our Board of Directors but to stand up against any and all opposition by your members.


Remember, we have taken oaths in all four degrees to obey and support the Laws and Rules of our Order and our superior officers. Now is the time to not only do that, but to lead by example.  We have all experienced many changes and we have all survived those changes.  The Fourth Degree uniform change is just another change.


Thank you for your patience and loyalty to our Order as we work together to implement this directive from Supreme.  The definitions of the program are still evolving.  Don’t believe anything you hear unless it comes from the District Master or Vice Supreme Master.


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